Hello! I'm Rob, owner/operator here at Buzi Business Services. I offer a whole array of services to make your life at home or work a little easier. Think of Buzi as a handyman that helps you get projects off of your to-do list and in the completed column. My past profession was in printing, focused on design and technical aspects of getting design to print well. I've spent my life being a do-it-yourselfer. From helping my father maintain his rental properties to being elbow-deep fixing printing equipment. I'm no stranger to hard work and have always remembered the service qualities my father taught me; always do what you say your going to do and leave it better than you found it. Of course there were many others but I'll leave the list short for now. Please take a look at a sample list of services below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Things I Can Do

Handyman Services: Clean-up and organization of office spaces, yards, workshops. Furniture/Equipment assembly and set-up. Small landscaping projects Design/Computer/Technical Services: Light Home/Office IT: Networking, WiFi, Routers... Graphics and Photo Editing: Logo correction, photo touch-up/correction, forms, signs, displays... READY TO GET A PROJECT STARTED? Log into my project management system:

A Few Accomplishments

Strong work ethic. Always follow through. No excuses, do the work!